Our Services

Our therapists provide consulting and educational workshops for:

  • Body mechanics & ergonomic training
  • Same surface level transfer training
  • Fall prevention in-services
  • Wheelchair sitting and positioning assessment
  • Home safety assessments


Home Safety Assessments

The following are the services currently provided by Adapting Spaces:

  • Residential safety assessment which includes:
    • Interior and exterior spaces of the home
    • Client functional assessment
    • Provision of report indicating hazardous areas and recommendations for home modifications
  • Recommendation of durable medical equipment and specialized systems.
  • We can serve as a liaison between family members/caregivers and the discharge team in medical facilities to expedite and ensure a safe discharge into the community.
  • Provision of family/caregiver training sessions
  • Provision of recommendations and installation of home health technology products and systems
  • Implementation of Universal Design principles


What is Universal Design and its benefits?

Universal design is the field of study concerned with the boundaries that physical structures and manufactured products impose on human function. The purpose of universal design is to promote buildings, products and environments that are fully accessible and functional to people with all levels of function. Therefore, any product or physical structure made based on universal design must:

  • Be equitable
  • Be simple
  • Be flexible
  • Be perceptible
  • Have tolerance to error
  • Have low physical effort
  • Have size and space for approach