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5 reasons to get your home ready for the golden years

Sunday, June 26th, 2011 by admin

In my professional practice as an occupational therapist and certified aging in places specialist, I often find myself educating clients about home modifications, universal design and why it is important to get ready early in order to avoid unnecessary injuries in the future.

1.Stay active:
Today’s older adults are more health conscious and determined to be independent than ever before. They eat right, exercise more and enjoy more leisure activities like biking, playing tennis, golf, etc. Performing home modifications can also assist in helping you remain active. Home modifications can be as simple as removing or adding elements to the house that will make it safer and user-friendly such as removing loose rugs. It can also be major renovations such as adding a new bedroom on the main floor. The bottom line is to make your living environment as supportive to your needs as possible.

2.Reduce cost of care:
It is no secret that people with chronic and acute medical conditions are living longer. However, as their life expectancy has increased, so has the cost of their care. Based on a 2011 report by Genworth Financial, an average room in a nursing home can cost $114k – $119k; whereas, a home maker or home health aide service can range between $44K- $48k a year. Home modifications can help reduce the cost of care by making your home a safer and functional environment for your loved one.

3.Reduce family burden:
Respiratory, cardiac, metabolic and cognitive conditions among others, take a toll on our bodies limiting our ability to function in the long run. It is usually up to the family to care for the ill person which can become a significant burden both physically and mentally. Home modifications can help reduce some of the burdens on the caregiver. For instance, by simply re-arranging the living environment to support and facilitate the persons needs the caregiver will have one less concern to be faced with.

4.Increase property value:
With the development of new products such as Moen’s HomeCare line, and concepts such as Universal Design, home modifications can be made more aesthetically pleasing and functional not only for people with disabilities and seniors but for everyone, thus increasing the property value.

5.Take advantage of a down market:
Now, is a great time to get your home ready for the golden years. Remodelers are now more willing than in previous years to give more discounts, incentives and to negotiate in order to attract more customers.

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By Miller Calberto, MS, OTR/L, CAPS

The Adapting Spaces blog is up and running!

Sunday, June 19th, 2011 by admin


This is the introductory blog from Adapting Spaces; where we will be sharing information about home modifications and universal design. We will be sharing a wide range of information that encompasses topics related to new product lines, services, legislation and everything in between that may affect the provision of home modification services in New York. I hope that you find the content of our blog, informative and useful in your daily lives. This blog should be as much about the information that we provide as well as the feedback that we receive from you. Therefore, we will value all your feedback in an effort to make the Adapting Spaces blog as interactive as possible. We will be updating our blog every week.

Thank you,

Miller Calberto, MS, OTR/L, CAPS