Benefits for the Professional

Construction, remodeling and real estate firms:

  • Consult with remodeling industry professionals in the incorporation and implementation of universal design concepts into residential settings.
  • Works closely with remodeling industry professionals to ensure that effective implementation of home modification recommendations and ensure clients’ satisfaction.
  • Assist real estate professionals in the selection and adaptation of residential settings for baby boomers.
  • Tap into a new source of revenue by serving the affluent baby boomer market.
  • Set your company apart from the competition by providing a specialty service.
  • Enter a niche market with tremendous earning potential.
  • Provide a social service by creating supportive and enabling environments for everyone.

Health/social services agencies and institutions:

  • Assist rehabilitation, social services staff and other members of the healthcare team to ensure a safe discharge to community.
  • Consult with public and private agencies in the development and implementation of educational material for injury prevention and independent living at home.
  • Assist in establishing clients’ functional level by conducting a complete physical, cognitive, sensorimotor and social assessment.
  • Assist in establishing the barriers that living environments pose on clients’ by performing a comprehensive home assessment.
  • Increase productivity by providing services in a more user-friendly environment.
  • Increase clients’ quality of life and life span by promoting barrier-free environments.
  • Decrease healthcare cost by promoting and enhancing in-home care.
  • Improve clients’ outcomes by encouraging independence in ADLs within a safer environment.
  • Prevent unnecessary injuries to staff and clients by promoting safer environments.
  • Increase family/client satisfaction with a more efficient and effective transition to community after discharge.

Legal, financial and insurance firms:

  • Protect clients’ assets by preventing high cost of institutionalized care.
  • Promote financial freedom by helping clients keep more of their hard earned money.
  • Help client live a more independent and comfortable life in a home that supports their level of function.
  • Promote implementation of alternate care solutions to reduce care cost.
  • Effectively establish clients’ level of function and the impact that the home environment has over their independence and productivity.