Benefits for Clients

Adapting Spaces- benefits for clients and caregivers

Client with chronic medical conditions:

Adapting Spaces understands that a decline in the level of function can make home feel more like a trap than a castle. That is why we take a team approach to accessing the environment, accessing the client, getting in contact with health care professionals as well as caregivers to make the most effective recommendations to address present and future changes in level of function.

Client with trauma/ acute medical conditions:

Adapting Spaces understands that adversity can hit at anytime, that is why at Adapting spaces we make your situation a priority by closely working with the client, rehab professionals, social workers as well as any other healthcare professional involved in the client's care. We will also access the house or living space and get in touch with caregivers and family members to recommend and implement a set of client- centered solutions before the client leaves the hospital.

Client with no urgent needs:

Adapting Spaces understands that it takes initiative and planning to enjoy the golden years with good health, comfort and a superior quality of life. We will work with the client to develop a set of recommendations that will make the living space safer, intuitive, ergonomic and more valuable.


Adapting Spaces understands that most caregivers are parents, professionals with their own families and lives. We work very closely with caregivers to decrease the physical and emotional stress caused by caring for a loved one. Adapting spaces will recommend solutions that will promote client's independence, safe handling and peace of mind.